sAkshAt kshamAm karuNayA kamalAm-ivAnyAm
gOdAm ananya-SaraNaS-SaraNam prapadyE

Maargazhi thingaL madhi niRaindha nannaaLaal
neeraada pOdhuveer pOdhuminO nErizhaiyeer
seer malgum aayppaadi chelva chiRumeergaaL
koorvEl kodundhozhilan nandhagOpan kumaran
Eraarndha kaNNi yasOdhai iLam singam
kaar mEni cengaN kadhir madhiyam pOl mugaththaan
naaraayaNanE namakkE paRai tharuvaan
paarOr pugazha padindhElOr empaavaay

MEANING: In the sacred month of Margazhi, on an auspicious day of full moon, I (Aandal) beckon all the wealthy young girls of (Aayppadi) Gokulam to take a sacred dip and worship the almight Lord, son of Nandagopar, who by means of his sharp spear disposes off his enemies, mother Yasoda’s child who resembles a fierce lion, has a dark cloud like divine complexion, with a pair of eyes that resembles a beautiful lotus, whose face shines like a combination of the sun and the moon, let us all pray and request the Lord to dictate us the service that He expects us to do


vaiyaththu vaazhveergaaL naamum nampaavaikku
cheyyum kirisaigaL kELeerO paaRkadaluL
paiya thuyinRa paramanadi paadi
neyyuNNOm paaluNNOm naatkaalE neeraadi
maiyittu ezhudhOm malarittu naam mudiyOm
seyyaadhana seyyOm theekkuRaLai chenROdhOm
aiyamum pichchaiyum aandhanaiyum kai kaatti
uyyumaaReNNi ugandhElOr empaavaay.

MEANING:Mortals of this planet, listen to the things that we have to do to satisfy the vow (of worshipping the lord through the whole of this month) that we have undertaken. Let us sing the glories of the lord whose in milky ocean doing yoganidhra by getting up early in the morning to have a bath and by not including ghee or milk in our diet. Let us not beautify ourselves or adorn our hair with flowers. Let us abstain from doing things that have been forbidden by shastras and not speak ill about others. Let us donate to the needy, alms to brahmacharis and sanyasis and immerse ourselves in bliss


Ongi ulagaLandha uththaman pEr paadi
naangaL nam paavaikku chaatri neeraadinaal
theenginRi naadellaam thingaL mum maari peydhu
Ongu peRum senN nel oodu kayalugaLa
poonguvaLai pOdhil poRi vandu kaN paduppa
thEngaadhE pukkirundhu seerththa mulai patri
vaanga kudam niRaikkum vaLLal perum pasukkaL
neengaadha selvam niRaindhElOr embaavaay


MEANING : let us take a dip for the sake of our vow and sing the glories of the Lord, who assumed a gigantic size and scaled the three worlds. This action of ours will result in eliminating the evil from our country, results in adequate rain three times a month. These inturn will lead to beautiful fishes enjoy between the saplings of the farmland, bees relaxing among the flowers, cows, without any hesistations, ensuring that milk overflows from their huge udders and overall resulting in wealth that does not vanish with time.


aazhi mazhai kaNNaa onRu nee kai karavEl
aazhi uL pukku mugandhu kodu aarthu ERi
oozhi mudhalvan uruvam pOl mey kaRuththu
paazhiy am hOLudai paRpanaaban kaiyil
aazhi pOl minni valamburi pOl ninRu adhirndhu
thaazhaadhE saarnga mudhaiththa sara mazhai pOl
vaazha ulaginil peydhidaay naangaLum
maargazhi neeraada magizhndhElOr embaavaay


MEANING :Oh Lord of the rains, who is as majestic as that of the beautiful sea, don’t hesitate to dive into the ocean, collect as much water, rise to the sky and assume the colour of the Lord (black). As with the Lord, who has graceful and powerful shoulders, oh rain god, without any delay, shine like the discus (chakra) that he holds in His right hand and resound to produce the same impact that occurs when the conch (sangu) on his left hand is blown, instantly produce the rain as how the Lord will shoot his arrows, to allow us take bath during the vow and happily flourish and thrive in this world.


maayanai mannu vada madhurai maindhanai
thooya peru neer yamunai thuRaivanai
aayar kulaththinil thOnRum aNi viLakkai
thaayai kudal viLakkam seydha dhaamOdharanai
thooyOmaay vandhu naam thoomalar thoovi thozhudhu
vaayinaal paadi manaththinaal sindhikka
pOya pizhaiyum pugudharuvaan ninRanavum
theeyinil thoosaagum cheppElOr embaavaay


MEANING :Lord of wondrous deeds, prince of Mathura, abiding in the banks of the pure Yamuna river, the sacred light that took birth in the shepherd’s community, who by your very birth glorified the womb of mother Yasoda, whose belly was tied with a string (damodara). To You we come with a pure heart and worship by offering flowers, singing your praise, thinking about your wholeheartedly. Such worship shall burn our past sins and the ones to be committed in future much the same way cotton burns when it comes in contact with fire.


puLLum silambina kaaN puLLaraiyan kOyilil
veLLai viLi sangin pEraravam kEttilaiyO
piLLaay ezhundhiraay pEy mulai nanchundu
kaLLa chakatam kalakkazhiya kaalOchchi
veLLaththaravil thuyilamarndha viththinai
uLLaththu kondu munivargaLum yOgigaLum
meLLa ezhundhu ari enRa pEraravam
uLLam pugundhu kuLirndhElOr embaavaay

MEANING:The birds are up and chirping and did you (Aandal’s female companions) not hear the sound from the great white conch emanating from the temple where the Lord of the king of birds (Garuda) resides? Oh girl, please wake up and worship the Lord who drank milk from the poisoned breast (of Putana, a female demon), who killed the demon (Sakatasura) who came in the form of a cart wheel, who rests on the snake in the milky ocean and who is the seed of the universe, who is worshipped at heart by the ascetics and yogis – whose resounding chants of Hari enter our hearts giving bliss

keesu keesu enRu engum aanaich chaaththaan kalandhu
pEsina pEchcharavam kEttilaiyO pEy peNNE
kaasum piRappum kalakalappa kai pErththu
vaasa naRum kuzhal aaychchiyar maththinaal
Osai paduththa thayiraravam kEttilaiyO
naayaga peN piLLaay naaraayaNan moorththi
kEsavanai paadavum nee kEtta kidaththiyO
dhEsamudaiyaay thiRavElOr embaavaay


MEANING :Hey spellbound girl, do you not hear the birds chirping and talking to each other?
Dont you hear the rumblings from the necklaces of cowherd girls (with fragrant hair) as a result of the movement of their hands due to churning of the curd? Oh leader of the girls, why is that even after hearing the hymns and chants of Kesava (alias of Narayana), that you are inclined to sleep?Oh splendorous girl please come and open the door.


keezh vaanam veLLenRu erumai siRu veedu
mEyvaan parandhana kaaN mikkuLLa piLLaigaLum
pOvaan pOginRaarai pOgaamal kaaththu unnai
koovuvaan vandhu ninROm kOdhugalam udaiya
paavaay ezhundhiraay paadi paRai kondu
maavaay piLandhaanai mallarai maattiya
dhEvaadhi dhEvanai chenRu naam sEviththaal
aavaavenRu aaraayndhu aruLElOr embaayaay


MEANING :The eastern sky has been lit up (indicating sun rise), the buffaloes have been let loose to graze for a short time (before they are milked). The remaining girls who wanted to proceed (to worship) are held up and are standing outside. Oh happy girl, please wake up and sing the praise of the Lord, who split the wrestlers that opposed Him. If we worship the Lord of the lords, He is surely bound to analyze our needs with great compassion and satisfy them by His grace.


thoomaNi maadaththu sutrum viLakkeriya
thoopam kamazha thuyilaNaimEl kaN vaLarum
maamaan magaLE maNi kadhavam thaazh thiRavaay
maameer avaLai ezhuppeerO un magaL thaano
omaiyO anRi sevidO ananthalO
Ema perunN thuyil mandhira pattaaLO
maamaayan maadhavan vaikundhan enRenRu
naaman palavum navinRElOr enbaavaay
MEANING :Oh uncle’s daughter, sleeping on a bed in a wonderfully ornamented hall with lamps and incense burning all around, get up and open the latches of your ornate door.Oh Aunty, please wake up your daughter, who is sleeping as if she is dumb and deaf and like a spell that has been placed on her to continue sleeping. Cast off your sleep and shall recite the many names of our Lord (Maadhavan) who is residing in Vaikunda (heaven)

nOtru chuvarkkam puguginRa ammanaay!
maatramum thaaraarO vaasal thiRavaadhaar
naatra thuzhaay mudi naaraayaNan nammaal
pOtra paRai tharum puNNiyanaal pandu oru naaL
kootraththin vaay veezhndha kumba karaNanum
thOtrum unakkE perunthuyil thaan thandhaanO
aatra anandhal udaiyaay arungalamE
thEtramaay vandhu thiRavElOr embaavaay
MEANING :Oh girl , who observes vows and reaches heaven, why is that you are not responding to our calls to open the door? The Lord, who has a fragrant head gear made of tulsi, whose glory is being sung by us year after year, who gives us the much desired service to Him by our vows, who is an embodiment of truth, who made Kumbagarna fell into the mouth of death. Have you defeated that Kumbakarnan who in turn passed on his sleepy nature to you? Oh sleeping beauty, who is adorned with glittering ornaments please come and open the door.

katru kaRavai kaNangaL pala kaRandhu
setraar thiRalazhiya chenRu seru cheyyum
kutram onRilaadha kOvalartham poRkodiyE
putru aravu alkul punamayilE pOdharaay
sutraththu thOzhimaar ellaarum vandhu nin
mutram pugundhu mugil vaNNan pEr paada
sitraadhE pEsaadhE selva peNdaatti nee
etrukku uRangum poruLElOr embaavaay
MEANING :Oh girl, who manages and milks a herd of cows and calves,who destroys the enemies in battle fields, who is born in a flawless sheperd community and glitters like gold, who has a waist like that of a cobra’s hood, oh beautiful like peacock, we have come singing the praise of Krishna (who is blue in colour) and arrived at the entrace of your mansion. Oh one who is dear to us why is that despite our chants that you are still asleep?

kanaiththu iLam katrerumai kanRukku irangi
ninaiththu mulai vazhiyE ninRu paal sOra
nanaiththu illam sERaakkum naR chelvan thangaay
panith thalai veezha nin vaasaR kadai patri
chinaththinaal then ilangai kOmaanai chetra
manaththukku iniyaanai paadavum nee vaay
thiRavaayiniththaan ezhundhiraay eedhenna pEr uRakkam
anaiththu illaththaarum aRindhElOr embaavaay

MEANING :Oh dear sister who is ever ready to serve the Lord , your house has been made wet by unmilked she-buffaloes, as a result of their love for their young calves are producing milk that is overflowing from their udders. We have come to your house bearing this cold weather and are singing the praises of the Lord, who destroyed the King of Lanka , Ravana, as a result of the anger generated by the separation of Sita. Despite our hymns, why is that you are not yet waking up and the neighbourhood is now aware of your prolonged sleep.
puLLin vaay keendaanai pollaa arakkanai
kiLLi kaLaindhaanai keerththi mai paadi pOy
piLLaigaL ellaarum paavai kaLambukkaar
veLLi ezhundhu viyaazham uRangitru
puLLum silambina kaaN pOdhari kaNNinaay
kuLLa kuLira kudaindhu neeraadaadhE
paLLi kidaththiyO! paavaay! nee nan naaLaal
kaLLam thavirndhu kalandhElOr embaavaay.
MEANING :We have come singing in praise of the bravery of the Lord, who ripped apart the Asura (Bakasura) who came in the form of a bird (crane) and the lord, who destroyed the Ravana as if it were child’s play and now we have entered the designated place to perform our vows.The Venus has now risen and the Jupiter has already set. Birds have started to move in flocks in search of food . Oh Young and naturally beautiful girl with charming eyes resembling a flower and that of a doe’s, don’t try to enjoy Krishna all alone by yourself and it is such a surpirse that you are sleeping in the bed instead of joining us to take a dip in the cold waters .

ungaL puzhakkadai thOttaththu vaaviyuL
sengazhuneer vaay negizhndhu aambal vaay
koombina kaaN
sengaR podi koorai veNbal thavaththavar
thangaL thirukkOyil sangiduvaan pOdhanRaar
engaLai munnam ezhuppuvaan vaaypEsum
nangaay ezhundhiraay naaNaadhaay naavudaiyaay
sangOdu chakkaram Endhum thadakkaiyan
pangaya kaNNaanai paadElOr embaavaay
MEANING :Oh girl , who speaks kind words, who promised to wake us all, you should be ashamed for failing to do so. In your backyard pond, red lotuses have bloomed along with Aambal flowers. Sanyasis in their saffron robes and with pearl like teeth have started proceeding towards the temple to blow their conches. Please wake up to sing the praises of the Lord with beautiful lotus like eyes and powerful hands that holds a Conch in one hand and a Discus (Chakra) in the other.

ellE! iLam kiLiyE innam uRangudhiyO
chil enRu azhaiyEn min nangaiyeer pOdharuginREn
vallai un katturaigaL paNdE un vaay aRidhum
valleergaL neengaLE naanE thaan aayiduga
ollai nee pOdhaay unakkenna vERudaiyai
ellaarum pOndhaarO pOndhaar pOndhu eNNikkoL
val aanai konRaanai maatraarai maatrazhikka
vallaanai maayanai paadElOr embaavaay

MEANING :Andal and Girls : oh girl whose beauty and speech resembles that of a parrot, why is that you are still not awake?
Sleeping Girl : Why is that you are pestering me, I am coming very shortly.
Aandal and Girls : Oh we are very well aware of your trickery and your utterences of harsh words from time immemorial.
Sleeping girl : Oh girls who are arguing with me, let me be the one who speaks harshly. What is that i can do for you now?
Aandal and girls : Please come and join us and that is all we are expecting you to do
Sleeping girl : Has everyone who is suppose to join us have arrived?
Aandal and girls : Oh yes please come and count all the girls standing should you have further doubts.
Sleeping Girl : What is that I will do if I come out and join your group.
Aandal and girls : Come and Join us to sing the praises of Krishna who destroyed the powerful elephant Kuvaliyapeedam, who renders His enemies powerless and who works wonders in this world.

naayaganaay ninRa nandhagOpan udaiya
kOyil kaappaanE! kodi thOnRum thOraNa
vaayil kaappaanE! maNi kadhavam thaaL thiRava
ayaayar siRumiyarOmukku aRai paRai
maayan maNi vaNNan nennalE vaay nErndhaan
thooyOmaay vandhOm thuyil ezha paaduvaan
vaayaal munnam munnam maatraadhE ammaa! nee
nEya nilai kadhavam neekkElOr embaavaay
MEANING :Our favourite Lord’s temple gate keeper,one who stands guard of the ornate palace of the Lord, please open the ruby studded entrace door to the temple. Lord of mysterious deeds with a hue that resembles a blue sapphire (krishna) had promised yesterday that He would give the announcing drum to our cow-herd group. We have come with a pure heart to awaken the Lord from His sleep. Oh guard, without refusal , please open the gate doors that are attached by devotion to the Lord.

ambaramE thaNNeerE sORE aRam seyyum
emberumaan nandhagOpaalaa ezhundhiraay
kombanaarkku ellaam kozhundhE kula viLakkE
emberumaatti yasOdhaay aRivuRaay
ambaram ooda aRuththu Ongi ulagu aLandha
umbar kOmaanE uRangaadhu ezhundhiraay
sem poR kazhaladi chelvaa baladhEvaa
umbiyum neeyun uRangElOr embaavaay.
MEANING :Oh King Nandagopa, reputed in charity for who donates many clothes, abundant water and large quantity of food, please wake up. Oh queen Yashodha, who is the head of our ladies group, who shines like a light among our cow-herd community, whom I adore, please wake up. Oh Lord, who took a gigantic form and pierced the space to scale all the worlds, please wake up Oh Lord Balarama, whose feet are adorned by anklets made of gold, please wake up along with your younger brother.

undhu madha kaLitran Odaadha thOL valiyan
nandhagOpan marumagaLE nappinnaay
kandham kamazhum kuzhali kadai thiRavaay
vandhu engum kOzhi azhaiththana kaaN maadhavi
pandhal mEl pal kaal kuyilinangaL koovina kaaN
pandhu aar virali un maiththunan pEr paada
chendhaamarai kaiyaal seeraar vaLai olippa
vandhu thiRavaay magizhndhElOr embaavaay
MEANING :Nappinnai, daughter in law of powerful Nandagopar (who has the strength of a elephant and who never retracts in a battle field), who has a fragrant hair please come and open the door. Roosters from all directions are crowing, cuckoos sitting on the bower of Maadhavi flowers have cooed gently many a times. As we sing in praise of the Lord, oh lady, who has fingers that defeated Krishna in a playful ball game, please come with joy with your bangles making sweets sounds and open the door with your red lotus like soft hands.

kuththu viLakkeriya kOttu kaal kattil mEl
meththenRa pancha sayanaththin mEl ERi
koththalar poonguzhal nappinai kongai mEl
vaiththu kidandha malar maarbaa vaay thiRavaay
mai thadam kaNNinaay nee un maNaaLanai
eththanai pOdhum thuyilezha ottaay kaaN
eththanaiyElum pirivu aatragillaayaal
thaththuvam anRu thagavElOr embaavaay
MEANING :Oh Lord, with lamps glowing around you and sleeping on a bed with legs made of ivory and resting on a soft bed with your broad chest studded between the bosoms of Nappinai (whose hair is adorned with lots of flowers), please wake up. Oh young lady (reference to Napinnai) with black and wide eyes adorned with collyrium (kaajal) you have not decided to wake up your husband Krishna, even for a moment. You are not ready to bear the separation from the Lord even for a while and this does not suit your pure character with unbounded mercy.

muppaththu moovar amararkku mun senRu
kappam thavirkkum kaliyE thuyil ezhaay
seppam udaiyaay thiRal udaiyaay setraarkku
veppam kodukkum vimalaa thuyil ezhaay
seppenna men mulai chevvaay chiRu marungul
nappinnai nangaay thiruvE thuyil ezhaay
ukkamum thattoLiyum thandhu un maNaaLanai
ippOdhE emmai neeraattElOr embaavaay
MEANING :Oh Lord of immeasurable strength who rises and protects the thrity three crore (330 million) devas and quells any trouble before they show up, who pure one saves all devotees and destroys their enemeis, please wake up. Oh Nappinai, who has a shapely soft bosoms, rosy lips, slim waist, embodiment of Lakshmi, please wake up. Kindly provide your Lord and us with a fan, a mirror and help us to take bath at this very moment.

Etra kalangaL edhir pongi meedhaLippa
maatraadhE paal soriyum vaLLal perum pasukkaL
aatra padaiththaan maganE aRivuRaay
ootram udaiyaay periyaay ulaginil
thOtramaay ninRa sudarE thuyil ezhaay
maatraar unakku vali tholaindhu un vaasaR kaN
aatraadhu vandhu un adi paNiyumaa pOlE
pOtriyaam vandhOm pugazhndhElOr embaavaay
MEANING :Oh Lord, Son of Nandagopar who owns a herd of cows that continuously secrete milk from their udders resulting in overflow, the Lord who is glorified by the Vedas, and whose glory can’t be described by the Vedas, the Lord who shines brightly, please wake up.We have come to the doorsteps of your palace, singing your praise and glory and surrendered to you like your defeated enemies who have lost their power and have taken refuge in you.

am kaN maa NYaalaththu arasar abimaana
pangamaay vandhu nin paLLi kattiR keezhE
sangam iruppaar pOl vandhu thalaippeydhOm
kingiNi vaay cheydha thaamarai poo pOlE
sengaN chiRu chiRidhE emmEl vizhiyaavO
thingaLum aadhiththanum ezhundhaaR pOl
am kaN irandum kondu engaL mEl nOkkudhiyEl
engaL mEl saabam izhindhElOr embaavaay
MEANING :We have come and surrendered to you like the powerful kings who rule this beautiful earth have given up their egos and stand powerless in front of your throne.Please slowly open your eyes, that are red in colour, that resemble a half open lotus flower, appear like sun and the moon have been beautifully placed to form your eyes, shower your mercy and destroy all our grief.

maari malai muzhainchil manni kidandhu uRangum
seeriya singam aRivutru thee vizhiththu
vEri mayir ponga eppaadum pErndhu udhaRi
moori nimirndhu muzhangi puRappattu
pOdharumaa pOlE nee poovaippoo vaNNaa un
kOyil ninRu iNGNGanE pOndharuLi kOppudaiya
seeriya singaasanaththu irundhu yaam vandha
kaariyam aaraayndhu aruLElOr embaavaay
MEANING :Oh Lord of bluish colour, just as a Lion, who after a sleep in his den wakes up with his fierce looking eyes, shakes his mane in all directions, stretches and straightens its body and comes out with a loud roar, please come out of the temple and be seated in the throne and bless us by finding out the reason of us visiting your abode.
anRu iv ulagam aLandhaay adi pOtri
senRangu then ilangai setraay thiRal pOtri
ponRa chakatam udhaiththaay pugazh pOtri
kanRu kuNil aaveRindhaay kazhal pOtri
kunRu kudaiyaay eduththaay guNam pOtri
venRu pagai kedukkum nin kaiyil vEl pOtri
enRenRum un sEvagamE Eththi paRai koLvaan
inRu yaam vandhOm irangElOr embaavaay
MEANING :We praise the feet of the Lord who scaled the world by his two steps (Vaamana Avatar). We praise the power of the Lord who travelled, located Ravana and destroyed the beautiful SriLanka. We praise the fame of the Lord who kicked and destroyed Sadakasura (who came in the form of a chakra). We praise the pose of your feet which climbed on top of Vatsasura (who had assumed the form of a calf). We praise your virtues of Lord who lifted the Govardana mountain as an umbrella. We praise the spear on your hand which destroys your enemies. Please bless us as we have come to your place singing your glories.

oruththi maganaay piRandhu Or iravil
oruththi maganaay oLiththu vaLara
tharikkilaan aagi thaan theengu ninaindha
karuththai pizhaippiththu kanchan vayitril
neruppenna ninRa nedumaalE!, unnai
aruththiththu vandhOm paRai tharudhiyaagil
thiruththakka selvamum sEvagamum yaam paadi
varuththamum theerndhu magizhndhElOr embaavaay
MEANING:Oh Lord, who was born to a mother (Devaki) and within the night period was taken up as a foster son by another mother(Yasoda), who destroyed the plans of Kamsa to kill you and who was like a burning fire in his stomach, we have come requesting you with our wish list of things. If you can satisfy our vow, we would sing your limitless wealth and your bravery and overcome the grief caused by Your separation and rejoice.

maalE! maNivaNNaa! maargazhi neeraaduvaan
mElaiyaar seyvanagaL vEnduvana kEttiyEl
NYaalaththai ellaam nadunga muralvana
paal anna vaNNaththu un paancha sanniyamE
pOlvana sankangaL pOy paadudaiyanavE
saala(p) perum paRaiyE pallaandu isaippaarE
kOla viLakkE kodiyE vidhaanamE
aalin ilaiyaay aruLElOr embaavaay

MEAN ING :Oh Lord, who showers His mercy on bhaktas, who has the hue of a sapphire, who floated on a baby banyan leaf during Pralayam(great deluge) you had requested us to indicate the items that are required to do our Marghazhi vow. Please provide us with a conch lke the one that you have which is as white as milk and when blown shakes all the worlds, giant size drums, members who can sing your praise (tirupallandu), sacred and decorative lamps, banners and flags and a canopy and bless us with your grace.

koodaarai vellum seer gOvindhaa undhannai

paadi paRai kondu yaam peRum sammaanam

naadu pugazhum parisinaal nanRaaga

choodagamE thOL vaLaiyE thOdE sevip poovE

paadagamE enRanaiya palagalanum yaam aNivOm

aadai uduppOm adhan pinnE paaR chORu

mooda ney peydhu muzhangai vazhi vaara

koodi irundhu kuLirndhElOr embaavaay


Meaning:Oh Lord Govinda who defeats all who does not fall in line with you, the gift that we would get after singing your praise(on account of our vow) would be that we would adorn ourselves with beautiful ornaments on our hands, ears, legs in such a manner that the whole town would talk about them. We would drape ourselves in beautiful clothes and then cook rice in milk and mix ghee (clarified butter) to submerge the cooked rice and enjoy the delicious food.

kaRavaigaL pin senRu kaanam sErndhu uNbOm
aRivu onRum illaadha aay(k) kulaththu undhannai
piRavi peRundhanai(p) puNNiyam yaam udaiyOm
kuRai onRum illaadha gOvindhaa undhannOdu
uRavEl namakku ingu ozhikka ozhiyaadhu
aRiyaadha piLLaigaLOm anbinaal undhannai
siRu pEr azhaiththanamum seeRi aruLaadhE
iRaivaa nee thaaraay paRaiyElOr embaavaay

MEANING :Oh flawless Lord, we graze our cows in the forest and go home and have food. We have taken birth in the cowherd community and have not been blessed with any intellect. Despite that nobody can severe the links (eternal relationship) that we have with You. We girls who do not possess much knowledge of worldly affairs and out of love have addressed You by various names. Please dont get angry as a result and bless us to fulfill all our desires.

sitram siRu kaalE vandhu unnai sEviththu un
potraamarai adiyE pOtrum poruL kELaay
petram mEyththu uNNum kulaththil piRandhu nee
kutREval engaLai(k) koLLaamal pOgaadhu
itrai(p) paRai koLvaan anRu kaaN gOvindhaa
etraikkum Ezh Ezh piRavikkum un thannOdu
utrOmE aavOm unakkE naam aatcheyvOm
matrai nam kaamangaL maatrElOr embaavaay

Meaning:Lord Krishna may we kindly request You to ask the reason of our early morning visit singing the praises of your beautiful lotus like feet. Oh great one who took birth among the cow-herd community, You cant deny us the humble service rendered to You till now and have come requesting you to grant us the service for today. Please help us suppress all other desires (other than serving You) as we are ever related to You in birth after birth and would like to remain Your eternal servant.

vanga kadal kadaindha maadhavanai kEsavanai

thingaL thirumugaththu sEy izhaiyaar senRu iRainchi

anga paRai konda aatrai aNi pudhuvai

painkamala thaN theriyal battar piraan kOdhai

sanga thamizh maalai muppadhum thappaamE

sonnaingu ipparisuraippaar eerirandu maal varai thOL

sengaN thirumugaththu chelva thirumaalaal

engum thiruvaruL petru inbuRuvar embaavaay.

Meaning:Lord of the Devas, who churned the ocean, whose face shines like a beautiful moon, who is adorned with beautiful ornaments, the cow-herd community offers its prayers and worship. Those who recite the 30 hymns (Tiruppavai) composed by Aandal (who wears a garland made out of fresh lotus flowers) daughter of Periazhwar, they will have all the blessings of the Lord, who has beautiful red eyes and powerful shoulders like that of a mountain and thus those who recite will enjoy eternal bliss.